Josep Lluís Galiana & Carlos D. Perales – ready! 2014


The furtive music of

Josep Lluís Galiana & Carlos D. Perales


Very well known musicians with a solid background and broad international recognition in various areas of sound creation, saxophonist Josep Lluís Galiana and pianist Carlos D. Perales propose a joint venture whose musical strength lies in the implementation of a surprising creative process, surprising, strong, provocative and tremendously vital. The sound material that inspire the creations of these two composers emanates from a vast repertoire of music furtive inhabiting the most diverse and urgent contemporary sound borders. 

20140707.Trasera ready!

ready! is the first album by Josep Lluís Galiana and Carlos D. Perales. Recorded lilve on April 9, 2014, ready! conveys the spontaneity of a first date, the secret complicity of a furtive meeting and freshness of unpredictability in music. ready! draws unmistakable contemporary expressive contours and extols the beauty of gestural piano and saxophone. The compositions included in ready! find refuge in silence and energy in contrast, does not penetrate the fascia chaos and soaked in the warm waters of harmonic nostalgia.


Look and listen ready!’s videoclip


In concert 


Josep Lluís Galiana, saxophone & Carlos D. Perales, piano

20141025.Ready a l'SGAE 1



Grand piano


4 microphones (saxophones and piano), stands & cables

Mixer for the stage & PA


Maybe the most important things is that we should have the stage for mounting and soundcheck almost one hour before the performance



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